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Polish diplomatic posts and honorary consulates
in Slovakia:

Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Hummelova 4 Street
814 91 Bratysława
tel. +421 2 5949 0211
fax +421 2 5441 3184

Consular Department
tel.: +421 2 5949 0211
fax: +421 2 5441 3193

Honorary Consulate of Republic of Poland in Liptovský Mikuláš
Honorary Consul: Tadeusz Frąckowiak (Polish, Slovak, German)
Nám. osloboditeľov 1
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš
tel. 044 - 5528810
fax. 044 - 5528811

Slovak Polish Chamber of Commerce
Hálkova 31
01001 Žilina
tel. +421 4 1723 5102

Slovak Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Gorkého 9
816 03 Bratislava
tel. +421 2 5443 3291
fax +421 2 5413 1159

Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
Martinčekova 17
821 01 Bratislava
tel. +421 2 5826 0100, 101
fax +421 2 5826 0109

Companies Register

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Lugera & Makler
Plynárenská 1, 821 09 Bratislava
(budova Business center 1)
tel.: +421 2 5824 0501
fax: +421 3 2658 2873

AC Petržalka, 2. poschodie
Röntgenova 26
851 01 Bratislava
IČO: 35839350
DIČ: 2020287588
Marian Driensky, country manager
tel. + 421 2 3255 3000
fax + 421 2 3255 3001
tel kom. + 421 9 0571 0377


Slovakia can be accessed by:
1. car
2. train: several international trains run from Poland to Slovakia every day. Current train timetable:

We would like to inform, that in the upcoming winter season will be improve access for skiers from Warsaw to Poprad in the slovak side of Tatra mountains.
From 15th December 2015 to 10 March 2016 latvian airlines airBaltic run flights from Warsaw to Poprad - Tatry Airport.

The flights will be operated with Boeing 737-300 aircraft every Tuesday and Thursday.

Day From / To Time of departure Time of arrival
Warsaw /Chopin Airport/ Poprad – Tatra mountains 16:10 17:15
Poprad - Tatra mountains Warsaw /Chopin Airport/ 18:10 19:15

Direct flights from Warsaw to Poprad will be organized to encourage all fans of white madness, who want fast, comfortable and priced attractively reach the Slovak Tatra mountains.
The flight tickets (one way) are available from 225 PLN.

For the price of a single ticket each passenger can carry up to 8 kg of hand luggage.


Organised groups(6 and more person) are exempt from fees for checked-in baggage( to 20 kg).

Passengers can book airline tickets through website or in INTAIR Office which is General Sales Agent of airBaltic on the Polish market.
Contact: phone: 22/559 39 33, E-mail:, Requests for bookings should be directed to the e-mail address:

The time of the flight from the capital of Poland to Poprad will be up to 65 minutes.

Distance from the airport Poprad-Tatry to Slovakia's most popular ski resorts is a dozen miles. Travel by car from the airport to the Centre of Tatranská Lomnica lasts 15 minutes, 30 minutes to Strbske Pleso and to Jasna under Chopok in the Low Tatras National Park about 45 minutes.

On the border

There are no special legal provisions or customs which, if not observed, may lead to conflict situations. Since 1st May 2004 Poles have been able to enter Slovakia on the basis of a passport or ID card.

The principle of free movement of persons means that access can be denied only when it poses a threat to internal security of the state (e.g. terrorism) or violates basic rules of social intercourse.

Since 1st May 2004 there have been no customs borders between countries of the European Union and Poland. Tourists travelling to countries of the EU are not subject to any limitations as regards the amount of goods bought and transported, provided they are intended for personal use and may not be resold. The term ‘for personal use’ means that the goods transported can also be used as presents, yet their sale is tantamount to infringement of the law and may lead to confiscation and additional penalty. The vehicle used for transporting the goods may also be confiscated.

For example, the goods transported are considered as intended for personal use, if they do not exceed the established limits:
- 800 cigarettes
- 200 cigars
- 1 kg of tobacco
- 10 litres of spirits
- 20 litres of fortified wine (e.g. sherry or port)
- 90 litres of wine (of which, a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wine)
- 110 litres of beer.

According to the general principle, people under the age of 17 may not transport any alcohol or tobacco products.

Since accession of Poland to the EU it has not been possible for Polish tourists returning to Poland to apply for a refund of VAT on goods purchased in the EU countries.


Polish citizens before travelling to Slovakia should apply for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in National Health Fund. The card entitled a citizen to obtain medical treatment in Slovakia under the same scheme as Slovak citizens. But it is also recommended that travelers should also covered themselves for unexpected cost with travel insurance.


Stickers that authorise to drive on highways, expressways and first-class roads can be bought on border crossings, gas stations and post offices.

Mandatory safety equipment for passenger cars up to 3,5t driving in Slovakia in 2015.

The mandatory car equipment is:
1. Car first aid kit with first aid instructions. The first aid kit must meet the requirements of European standards described in DIN 13164 norm. It is important to regularly check the expiry date of the first aid kit.
2. Reflective vest for driver, that is placed close at hand.
3. Warning triangle
4. Spare wheel, jack and right set of keys to dismantle the wheels. This duty does not concern cars equipped with special tyres (Runflat), that allows to continue the ride when tyre is flat and cars equipped with special temporary repair kit for flat tyres without dismantling.

Recommended (optional) car equipment is:
- towrope
- fire extinguisher
- car bulbs and fuses

What languages are used?

The languages which are most often used are: English and German. Less popular are: French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Tourist season

The peak tourist season in Slovakia lasts from May to September. The best time to visit cities is spring and summer (May, June) or autumn (September, October). During these months it is not too hot and holiday resorts are not crowded.

Health resorts are most overcrowded at the beginning of the year (January, February, March).
The ski season starts in Decembers and lasts until March – April.

Public holidays

1st January – Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic
5th July – Saints Ceril and Methodius Day
29th August – Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising
1st September – Day of Constitution of the Republic of Slovakia
17th November – Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

Church holidays and bank holidays

6th January – Epiphany (Day of the Three Wise Men and Christmas for members of the Orthodox Church)
March – Good Friday
March – Easter Monday
1st May – Labour Day
8th May – Day of Victory over Fascism
15th September – Day of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
1st November – All Saints’ Day
24th December – Christmas Eve
25th December – First Christmas Day
26th December – Second Christmas Day

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