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Winter camp.

Six children from Children’s home „ Nasz Dom” in Wroclaw had a chance to go on an international winter camp to Slovakia. It was organized by Thermal Park Bešeňova on Slovakia and honorary consul Maciej Kaczmarski, who among others, covered the costs of the trip for the children.

It is not the first time when children from Wroclaw children’s home, thanks to consuls effort, took a trip to Slovakia. This time also peers from Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia, Republic of Georgia and Slovakia spent two weeks in Thermal Park Bešeňová

Few days before the trip, the kids visited office of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Slovakia in Wroclaw, to meet with workers from the consulate and consul itself. Maciej Kaczmarski presented the kids Christmas gifts and invited the for dinner. Pupils from the Children’s home, gave a thank You gift for the consul – big map of the world.

During stay in Slovakia, same as last year, winter camp participants, divided into nationalities, gave a presentation about their country. Thanks to that, kids with a different origin could get acquainted with each other. Besides that, there were many other attractions waiting for them, prepared by the organizers, like thermal baths, mountain trips, sightseeing and discotheques.

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