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A heart of Europe in a library.

On 26th November 2010 an exhibition “ Slovakia – a heart of Europe in university library collections” took place. It was organized by Wroclaw University, Wroclaw University Center of Polish – Slovak- Czech Cooperation and Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic.

The exhibition was opened by Grazyna Piotrowicz – a University Library Director, who described to the guest the topic of the exhibition. Guest on this vernissage were also the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw Maciej Kaczmarski, Wroclaw university Rector Maciej Bojarski, Lower Silesia Library Director Andrzej Tyws and Director of the Institute of the Slovak Republic in Warszawa Helena Jacošová.

The exposition gives a chance to see the rich collection of the University Library and opportunity to get familiar with the Slovak history and culture starting from XVII century. The connection between Slovak and Silesian people was emphasized – says Maciej Kaczmarski, co-organizer of the exhibition.

Strong contacts between Silesia region and Slovakia were illustrated on presented on the exhibition’s old prints connected with literary activities of Jan Jessenius – a doctor, philosopher and politician with a Slovak background who lived in Wroclaw in the XVII century and Jan Sinapius A Slovak who lived in Olesnica in the past and whose two volume work „Olsnographia” will be shortly published in a form of an e-book.

On the exhibition there were also showpieces describing the life of the most famous Slovak people know all over the world, as Maurycy Beniowski – a soldier, troublemaker, cosmopolitan, an author of the famous diaries of Janosik, a bandit, whose legend is well known on both sides of Tatry mountains.

Priceless manuscripts, old prints, woodcut, documents and a map can be admired for free in Marble Hall Of the University Library on Karol Szajnocha Street from 10 till 16 December.

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Wroclaw University Rector, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Center of Polish – Slovak- Czech Cooperation Director, University Library Director
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Slovak Institute Director
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University Library Director Grazyna Piotrowicz

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