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I anniversary of the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw.

I anniversary of the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw.

The employees of the consulate met in a small group with consul Maciej Kaczmarski, the consul’s wife Malgorzata Kaczmarski and honorary consul’s proxy Leon Susmanek. What have we achieved in the last year.
A year ago, on May 25th 2009, Maciej Kaczmarski a businessman from Wroclaw, was made a Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw. Consulate is responsible for all consular matters from around Dolnoslaskie and Lubuskie Province. The office is located on Armii Ludowej Street 21.
Honorary consul represents the consulate. His duties are among other things: to support the initiative between the Polish and Slovak traders or promotion of culture. After a year of activity its clear that the Consulate from Wroclaw is one of the most active consulates in Poland.

The outpost in Wroclaw, besides traditional matters connected with cooperation with Slovak citizens in Poland, also tries to be involved in additional tasks that will help to promote Slovakia in Poland. One of the most interesting cultural achievements of the outpost is initiating and organizing, together with The Slovak Republic Embassy Slovak Days in Wroclaw. From 25th till 27th November 2009 city residents had an opportunity to find out more about our southern neighbors. They had a chance to, for instance, how the Slovak “kapustnica” (sour cabbage soup) taste, what was the influence of Polish Round Table Talks on Velvet Revolution, and what attractions are waiting for polish skiers in Slovakia.
- Slovak Days were appealing for Wroclaw citizens, therefore we are hoping to have a chance to organize such an event next year. I believe that it will be written in the cultural events calendar of Wroclaw for good-says Maciej Kaczmarski.

One of the priorities of consular operations is education. Therefore on Feburay 12th an agreement in the field of education and culture was signed by Kaczmarski and Cezary Gluszka –Chairman of the Board of the International Education Foundation, whereby a Polish – Slovak Scholarship Foundation was open. The goal of this foundation is to organize joint educational activities that will help to level out the chances for Polish and Slovak youngsters, and Polish and Slovak cultural and educational events.
- It is a very important project for us, that we will continue to expand. For now we are focusing on collecting the financial sources. In the second part of the year we want to donate them to students in the form of scholarship – says Katarzyna Smigielska, Consular Affairs Specialist. Consulate sponsored also to publish a book written by Anna Perdachova-Sklarova, under the title „Slovencina pre Poliakov”. It is a text book for those polish people who want to learn Slovak. Moreover, consul meets regularly with Wroclaw universities rectors, helping them establish contacts with Slovak universities.

The best way to get to know a country is visiting it. For that reason Maciej Kaczmarski strongly promotes Slovak tourism. Consulate promotes active leisure in Slovak mountains, especially winter sports. In February 2010 consulate representatives took part in an International Tourism Fair in Wroclaw. And in April, together with National Center of Slovak Tourism organized a tour for journalists and workers from Dolny Slask Study. Thanks to this trip it was possible to get familiar with the most interesting touristic places in Slovakia.

Nothing bonds stronger than common interests. Maciej Kaczmarski is holding talks with Wroclaw municipal authorities and mayors of cities: Rajecké Teplice, Námestovo, Turčianske Teplice, Liptovský Mikuláš regarding prospective cooperation of Dolnoslaskie province and Region Żiliny.

For Slovak and Polish people.
It is worth remembering that besides helping Slovak people in Poland also Polish people interested in visiting Slovakia can get necessary information by mail or phone. Consular worker will provide information about possible job positions in Slovakia, formalities one have to fulfill in case of moving in to Slovakia permanently, possibilities of getting a scholarship or what attractions are waiting for tourists in Slovakia.

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