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Slovak decorations in Wroclaw

On Wednesday to the City Museum of Wroclaw arrived Slovak medals and decorations. Honours were passed on to Maciej Łagiewski, director of City Museum of Wroclaw by Adrian Kromka, director of Slovak Institute in Warsaw and Maciej Kaczmarski, Honorary Consul of Slovakia.

City Museum of Wroclaw holds the permanent exposition, that presents orders and decorations
of European Union’s states. Institution gained about 150 decorations yet and counts for more.
These items are already as museum’s collections and are still being gathered.

- To the City Museum of Wroclaw we have passed six the highest honours in Slovak Republic. These are essentially Order of the White Double Cross, conferred on citizens of other countries for outstanding merit in the all-round development of relations with the Slovak Republic, Andrej Hlinka Order, awarded to citizens of the Slovak Republic for outstanding merit in the establishment

of the Slovak Republic or Ľudovít Štúr Order, conferred on citizens of the Slovak Republic for outstanding merit in democracy and its development, human rights and freedom. For the purpose of exhibition we loaned also the Milan Rastislav Štefánik Cross, Conferred on citizens of the Slovak Republic who risked their lives to defend the Slovak Republic, Pribina Cross, awarded to Slovak citizens for exceptional merit in economic development and Medal of the President of the Slovak Republic, granted to citizens of the Slovak Republic who have significantly served in the areas

of state administration – says Jolanta Kaleta, Assistant to the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic.

Decorations from his private collection were gave over also by the ex-president of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

Exhibition will be opened from July 5th in the Royal Palace in Wroclaw.

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