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Polish-Czech-Slovakian Solidarity Square

 Polish-Czech-Slovakian Solidarity Square, new name for square at Rybacka and Zachodnia streets will mark the fortieth anniversary of Polish Solidarity Movement. In celebrations took part Andriej Droba, Ambassador of Slovakian Republic, and was assisted by Maciej Kaczmarski, Honorary Consul of Slovakia.

In ceremony was also present President of Wroclaw, Jacek Sutryk, Ivan Jestrab, Ambassador of Czech Republic, Lowersilesian Voivode and members of Polish-Czech-Slovakian Solidarity Movement

„Today, we stop at Friendship Stop. We know that word very well and in variety of different contexts. In those years Solidarity had to restore it appropriate meaning, which was damaged by communists and their propaganda machine. We are proud of commemorating Solidarity and Polish-Czech-Slovakian friendship, said Jacek Sutryk, The president of Wroclaw.

The Square should memorialising mutual friendship, cooperation and support of citizens those countries, fighting for freedom and democracy. In 80’s Polish dissidents, opressed by authorities, activelly working on restoring democratic country. They unified with dissidents from Czech and Slovakia and path the way to unique International Social Movement.

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