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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Slovakian Republic visit in Warsaw.

On Friday, the 7th, Andrej Droba,  Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Slovakian Republic visited Wrocław for the first time.

During his visit he managed to meet Wroclaw authorities. First appointed meeting was with Jacek Sutryk, President of Wrocław, next one with Grzegorz Macko, Deputy Speaker of Lower Silesia and Bogusław Szmyta, Lowersilesian Deputy of Voivode. There were  discussed topics of reviving economic collaboration between companies from Poland and Slovakia, common campaigns in the area of culture and tourism, as well as educational cooperation.

All agreed for necessity of launching relation between Wrocław i Lowersilesian region and some designated Slovakian business entities. Such activities would amazingly accelerate intensity of cooperation in between our countries.

The afternoon hours Ambassador took part in an exhibition event „Orawski Castle – Orawska Wooden Railway – treasures of Slovakia, fixed at Wroclaw Airport.

All meetings were assisted by Maciej Kaczmarski, Honorary Consul of Slovakia, Leon Susmanek, Consulate Proxy and Adrian Kromka, Slovakian Institute Director from Warsaw.

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