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30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

On 5 November 2019, a grand concert was held in the Column Hall of the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The concert was organised by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Poland and the Slovak Institute in Warsaw. About 120 invited guests took part in the concert, including the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Ivan Jestřáb, the Ambassador of Germany Rolf Nickel and the Ambassador of Denmark O. The concert was attended by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Ivan Jestřáb, the Ambassador of Germany Rolf Nickel and the Ambassador of Denmark O. Egberg Mikkelsen, Ambassador of Bulgaria Emil Yalnazov, Ambassador of Slovenia B. Forštnarič Boroje, Consul General of the RS in Krakow Tomáš Kašaj, Honorary Consul in Wroclaw, Maciej Kaczmarski and other representatives of the diplomatic corps, private sector and state administration.

The concert was officially opened by the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Poland J.E. Dušan Krištofík and the Director of the Slovak Institute in Warsaw Adrián Kromka.

The first part of the concert was performed by the Polish artist Urszula Nowakowska - Żwirdowska, a graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw with a degree in harp. She has been collaborating with many orchestras, such as Sinfonia Varsovia, Polish Radio Orchestra, National Opera Orchestra in Warsaw, National Philharmonic in Warsaw, Royal Symphony Orchestra and many others. The second part of the programme featured students from the Conservatory in Bratislava, Albín Blaho, Silvia Macejová and Andrej Hraško.

Conservatory in Bratislava is a music school with a hundred years of tradition, educating future composers, conductors, pianists, as well as musicians playing wind and string instruments. Opera and concert singers, as well as future actors, musical singers and dancers are also educated there. The history of the school dates back to 1919 and since then hundreds of artists and teachers have left the school, who have become outstanding figures of Slovak culture and internationally recognised artists. Among them are Peter Dvorski, Edita Gruberova, Marian Lapšanski and Ladislav Chudik. Both pupils and graduates actively participate in artistic life in Slovakia. They give concerts with the Slovak Philharmonic, perform at the Slovak National Theatre, the New Stage Theatre, Bratislava Music Celebrations and at many international festivals and interpretation courses.

The programme of the concert, consisting of two parts - a performance by a Polish artist and Slovak musicians - was a kind of symbol of collaboration and friendship of two nations which in 1989 fought for freedom and democracy.

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