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Slovakia Days

On May 23rd-24th 2019 there were the Slovakia Days in Wroclaw. The organizers of this event were: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Warsaw, Slovak Institute in Warsaw and Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw, that was celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Slovakia Days had in its programme two conferences prepared by West Chamber of Commerce. First conference focused on economic issues and the speakers were: Zuzana Ščepánová from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Warsaw, Adam Csuka from SARIO agency and Peter Cúth from Cottyn law firm. Second conference focused on presentation of tourist offer in Slovakia and was hosted by Beata Egriová from Foreign Tourism Representation of the Slovak Republic in Warsaw and Ján Bošnovič from Tatry Mountain Resorts.
On May 24th there was an event on Wroclaw market square where Slovak traditional dishes were presented. People could also listen to famous Slovak bands like: Čečina, Družina and G-Strinx. Slovak chefs prepared traditional delicacies that citizens could try – for example bryndzové halušky (potato dumplings with bryndza cheese). Representatives from different regions presented Slovakia tourist attractions. There were knowledge competitions about Slovakia and attractive rewards. The last two weeks of May the citizens of Wroclaw could take a closer look to Slovakia by visiting the exhibition called “Good Idea Slovakia”. 

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