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“From Visegrád to Visegrád”

On 6th November 2018 in Wroclaw Old Town Hall there was an opening of the exhibition called “From Visegrád to Visegrád”. Exhibition was opened under the auspices of Ambassador of the Slovak Republic HE Dušan Krištofík, Ambassador of the Czech Republic HE Ivan Jestřáb and Consul General of the Hungarian Republic in Cracov Mrs. Adrienne Körmendy.

Wroclaw edition of the exhibition was arranged thanks to cooperation of Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw, Slovak Institute in Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences – Archive in Warsaw and the City Museum of Wroclaw.

Exhibition was opened by the Director of the Slovak Institute in Warsaw Mr. Adrián Kromka, Director of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Archive in Warsaw Mrs. Hanna Krajewska, Consul General of the Hungarian Republic in Cracov Mrs. Adrienne Körmendy, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw Mr. Maciej Kaczmarski and Director of the City Museum of Wroclaw Mr. Maciej Łagiewski.

Exhibition is the attempt to portrey the rising of the political, commercial and cultural relationships with countries that create today’s Visegrád Group, beginning from the medieval conventions of Lords of Poland (Kazimierz Wielki), Bohemia (John of Bohemia) and Hungary (Charles I of Anjou) in Visegrád in 1335 and 1338/1339 and ending on current meeting of Presidents of Poland (Lech Wałęsa), Czechoslovakia (Václav Havel) and Prime Minister of Hungary (József Antall) in Visegrád in February 1991, where the Declaration of Cooperation of Poland, Czech and Slovak Federative Republic and Hungarian Republic in aim to European integration was signed. Declaration began the cooperation of Visegrád countries. 
Exhibition is opened until 19th November 2018 in Old Town Hall. 

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