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Exhibition: 20 years of the history of one country- 20th anniversary of arising of the Slovak Republic

On the 16th of September at the main square of Wrocław’s old town there have been placed an official opening of an exhibition “20 years of the history of one country- 20th anniversary of arising of the Slovak Republic”, which is organised by the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic and by the Slovak Institute in Warsaw. The exhibition is based at the eastern wall of the main square in Wrocław’s old town, near the famous pillory. Everyone, who will stop there for a while to watch the displays, will have an opportunity to get to know better the most important events from Slovak history, achievements of prominent Slovak citizens or to read interesting stories about the country. The exhibition was opened by Mr Maciej Kaczmarski- the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic and Mr Milan Novotny, Director of the Slovak Institute. - “The distance between Slovakia and Poland is not long, but I would like to make it much shorter. My duty is to share the knowledge about this interesting country in the region of Lower Silesia, especially to those, who remember the times of Czechoslovakia. 2013 is a special date of the 20th anniversary of establishing this country- explained Mr Maciej Kaczmarski. The main purpose of this event is to show changes, which has been occurred during years of development and as well as many challenges and difficulties, that this young country needed to face. - “20 years ago many people feared, that Slovakia will not struggle new reality, while being separated from the Czech Republic. The exhibition shows that this country has become a well developing country with growing economy in Europe in such a short time- said Mr Kaczmarski. The exhibition will be held from 16th till 22nd of September. After 26th of September it will be transferred to the Slovak Institute in Warsaw.

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