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WrocLove Fest.

From mid June till the end of the month Wroclaw has its holiday.

Culmination of the holiday was on June 24th – St John the Baptist day –patron of Wroclaw. On this day, in the Wroclaw Fan Zone a band Silvayovci was performing as a cultural mix concert. And it was only possible thanks to financial support of the Honorary Consul Maciej Kaczmarski and National Slovak Tourist Center in Poland.

Silvayovci came from Košice in Slovakia – European Cultural Capitol in 2013. With their performance they wanted to celebrate WrocLove Fest in a city that in 2016 will also be a European Cultural Capitol.

Consul is hoping for a very active cooperation of both cities, that will bring a valuable exchange of the cultural and touristic offer with benefits for Slovak and Polish citizens. Silvayovci is the only band of its kind using cymbals while performing a traditional, folk music with a mix of pop, rock, funk and techno. Silvayovci created their unique style by using only acoustic instruments.

The members of the bend are:
Miloš Silvay – Contrabass
Gabriel Silvay - strings, pipe, guitar
Slavomíra Lorencovičová - strings, kachon, singer
Juraj Helcmanovský – cymbals
Pavol Križalkovi –accordion
Tomáš Buranovský – Singer, guitar
Ján Lazorik – saxophone

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