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Culture kaleidoscope.

On June 23rd 2012 on the summer scene in Staromiejski Park next to Puppetry Theater a V Culture Kaleidoscope Festival took place.

It is yet another time that guest from Slovakia. This year a band RAČAN was performing.

Folk bank RAČAN is a group of young people, who love folklore, were present of the festival. The band comes from Oščadnica, a small town in high mountains in the South of Slovakia, near Polish border.

The band focuses on expanding the local tradition: dance, music and singing. Although the group was founded in 2005, most of its members have been dancing and singing for over 15 years. Artists have performed many times in the country and abroad (Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia).

RAČAN visited cities like: Rajcza (PL), Kopřivnica (CZE), Velké Bystřica (CZE), on international folklore festival „Lidovy rok” in Milijevce in Wien.

The type of dance performed by the group originated from Kysuc region (Lúčenie sa so slobodou, Majáles, Čerešne, Zbojník, Dlávenie kapusty, Venčekový...), and also from other regions of Slovakia (Horehronie, Orava, Terchová, Liptov, Šariš,...). Among performers are musicians and singers cultivating traditional folk dance techniques. Veronika Macuchova is an Artistic Director of the band.

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