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II anniversary of the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw.

Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw had his second anniversary on June 10th. On this occasion a memorial plaque was revealed in memory of Jan Jessenius (1566-1621) , a Slovak doctor, philosopher and diplomat, who was born in Wroclaw.

The plaque was placed on a stone wall on Saint Elisabeth Street 3 in Wroclaw ( Zarzad Zasobu Komunalnego building). The place is not random. In XVI century a Saint Elisabeth Junior High School was placed here, where the famous doctor was a student. Later he became a rector on Karol University in Prague. Guests taking part in the ceremony were: Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Solvak Republic in Warszawa Vasil Grivina, General Consul of the Slovak Republic in Krakow Marek Lisánsky. Honorary Consul of the LSovak Republic in Wroclaw Maciej Kaczmarski, Vice-President of Wroclaw Jarosław Obremski and many other prominent citizens of Wroclaw. There was also a time for summaries. As Vasil Gravina said:” From six honorary consuls of the Slovak Republic operating in Poland, the one in Wroclaw gets the best rates. An initiative taken by the honorary consul deserves a special attention.”

The last year activity confirmed it to be one of the most active in Poland. In year 2010 Polish- Slovak Scholarship Foundation was opened, thanks to which young people have a chance to develop their talents on universities in both countries. Consulate is also a culture patron. In November, citizens of Wroclaw had an opportunity to admire an exhibition under the title: ”A heart of Europe in the collection of the University Library”. The exposition was found to be very interesting. It is a second year in a row that honorary consulate co-financed the trip of the kids from Children’s home to Slovakia. This time, peers from Nasz Dom in Wroclaw spend two weeks in Slovak Thermal Park in Bešeňovej.

10.06.2011 II anniversary of the consulate reportage – Dolnoslaska Television

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