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Meeting with scholarship holder from the Polish- Slovak Scholarship Foundation.

Scholarship for doctoral student from Ruzomberk.

Polish- Slovak Scholarship Foundation, opened by the honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw, granted its first scholarship. Ján Golian, doctoral student on Catholic University in Ruzomberk, came to Wroclaw where for the next few month with be studying and conduct academic research.

A year ago, from Maciej Kaczmarski initiative, Polish- Slovak Scholarship Foundation was created. Its goal is to give a chance for Polish and Slovak students to leave to a partner country, where they could learn the language and convey academic research.

- An application of Ján Golian was chosen because of his interesting concept for his research about historical demography. In realizing his research a knowledge of Wroclaw University scientists, thanks to their experience in the area, will be useful. In the nearest future we are planning to grant scholarship to more students, also from Poland – says Lean Susmanek, consular proxy.

Ján Golian is a doctoral student on Cathlick University in Ruzomberk in Slovakia. During his master’s degree studies, as a member of the Erasmus program, he spent one semester in Krakow, where he fell in love with Poland and learned the Polish language. Now, thanks to granted scholarship, he will be able to fulfill his dreams and come to Wroclaw and continue his doctoral dissertation and get to know research methods used in Poland.

- In my dissertation I investigate a quite narrow area of historical demography, which is not very common in my country. I am mainly interested in investigating the history of human population in the XIX century on the territory of Slovak Republic. I am sure that my stay on Wroclaw University, which is a very important center exploring this area, will help me in writing my dissertation – says Ján Golian.

One of the first places that the young scholarship holder visited in the Lower Silesian capital city, was honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Wroclaw. He met with Consular Proxy – Leon Susmanek, and other worker from the consulate who he thanked for grander scholarship and told about his plans for research and first impressions from a visit in Wroclaw.

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